Day 2: Prepping for Jason launch

We’re going to launch the ROV Jason tonight for the first time. This takes a lot of preparation by the science crew, not to mention the Jason crew. On the science side, this means getting all of our instrumentation and sampling gear ready and in place on the ROV or the “elevator,” a device we use to send samples and samplers up and down, while Jason is still operating underwater. Here are a few pics of the prep:

Anna finishes the productivity chambers with a knot.


Brian works on electrodes.


Jimmy, Dave, Erin, and Anna load the productivity chambers into Jason’s side arm box.


Craig works on the temperature recorders.


Jason waits patiently for his upcoming adventure.


Sean has a variety of prep responsibilities…but he’s still able to take a bit of time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, not with a beer (the boat is dry) but with green dessert!DSC00054_seangreen

For a list and pics of the whole science crew, see the new “Team Zeta” page.

-Clara Chan, U. Delaware


photo credits: Clara Chan


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